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What is the Best Temperature for Climate Controlled Storage?

What is the Best Temperature for Climate Controlled Storage

Temperature is key to ensuring the freshness and safety of perishable goods. If you are in a business that deals with perishable goods, you need to understand the best temperature for climate-controlled storage. At Mile High Delivery & Cold Storage, we specialize in fresh-control cold storage to help you keep your products as fresh as possible and for the longest time. If you’re looking for Climate Controlled Storage Denver, here’s what you need to know about the best temperatures for various types of storage.

Why Temperature Control is Vital

A small deviation from the ideal temperature can lead to spoilage, loss of product quality, and safety concerns. At Mile High Delivery & Cold Storage, we take proper precautions. Our Reefer Box trucks and cold storage in Denver have a properly maintained temperature to ensure that your products remain fresh and usable. 

Optimal Temperatures Based on Storage Needs

There are different optimal temperatures for different storage needs. Let’s have a look at some of these below:

Refrigerated Storage: This type of storage is for items that need to be kept cool but not frozen. It is perfect for fresh produce, dairy products, and certain pharmaceuticals.

  • Temperature Range: 33 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use Cases: Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, some pharmaceuticals

Frozen Storage: For items that need to be kept frozen, such as frozen foods and certain pharmaceuticals, frozen storage is essential.

  • Temperature Range: -10 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use Cases: Frozen foods, ice cream, certain vaccines and pharmaceuticals

Moisture-free Dry Storage: For goods that do not require specific temperature or humidity conditions, dry storage is the best option. Paper goods or perishable items fall under this category.

  • Temperature Range: Ambient (Ordinary/baseline) temperature
  • Use Cases: Canned goods, grains, textiles, paper products

Order Fill Storage: For businesses that store inventory for online or retail sales, order fill storage is an efficient solution that allows for easy and quick fulfillment of customer orders.

  • Temperature Range: Depends on the product requirements
  • Use Cases: Varies based on stored products

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Storage

Long-term freezer storage solutions allow you to store products for months or even years. This is ideal if your business involves buying large quantities to reduce costs over time. On the other hand, short-term freezer storage solutions are available for a few days to weeks. These are ideal if you have a business that needs temporary storage. 

Why Choose Mile High Delivery & Cold Storage?

At Mile High Delivery & Cold Storage, we provide top-notch climate-controlled storage Denver. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Chilled to Perfection: Our facility offers various temperature-controlled options with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Hassle-free Transportation: We make sure your goods reach the desired location safely and on time. 
  • Quality Control: We complete quality control at each step of the storage process.
  • Zero Admin Fees: We offer straightforward pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Experience is key: With our decades of experience in the industry, your items are safe with us.


If you want your goods to last a long time and remain fresh, you need to have climate-controlled storage options that maintain this ideal temperature for your goods. Whether you need refrigerated, frozen, or dry storage, Mile High Delivery & Cold Storage offers the best fresh-control cold storage solutions in Denver. Get in touch today to see how we can help you with your cold storage needs.